DIY: Holiday Card

It's time to up your card game! Those of you who keep up with me on Instagram know I'm the queen of making handmade cards. The only time I can recollect buying a card for someone is on the fly for a graduation. While it may take a little extra effort to DIY, here's why it's worth it.

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Christmas House

This week Chloe and I have been in a self-imposed "quarantine" to keep from getting sick before we go in studio. We strategically ran all errands at the beginning of the week (loaded up on groceries, dropped mail off at the Post Office) and not gonna lie—it's starting to feel like we're in some strange dystopian apocalypse novel with a deadly virus on the loose. Or maybe zombies.

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I hope the future will bring more understanding, and I think it starts with our relationships. We will never understand social injustice if we only know people who are socially the same as us. We will never understand issues of race if we only know people of our own race and culture. We will never understand the struggles that our socioeconomic differences create if we only gather with people who make the same amount as we do. We will never understand other religions if we never know people who believe differently than us. A lack of understanding allows us to turn those who are different from us into villains. It's much easier to make assumptions about a group of people if we've never taken the time to know them.

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Red Velvet

I bought this red velvet dress for fall because EVERY other f/w performance dress I own is black. This is not a joke. #AllBlackEverything is like, my life motto. This dress is a bit uncharacteristic for me, as I'm generally drawn towards form-fitted pieces. But with a shape reminiscent of a 60's shift minidress, and that rich jewel-tone Gatsby flair—I simply could not resist.

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Feeling Blue

This not-quite-summer, not-quite-fall weather is really throwing me for a curve. Every time I'm tempted to leave the house in a cozy pair of jeans I'm reminded of Nashville's enduring heat the minute I step outside. My brain is receiving mixed signals, people. Maybe I should neglect my Instagram feed until this is resolved...and Pinterest...and anything that induces my frenzied fall fever. HAAALLLPPPPP

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