Gray For Days

Scoop back top - Lulu's / Jeggings - American Eagle / Cable knit pompom hat - The Trunk Nashville / Wedge sneakers - American Eagle / Moon necklace - Pangaea / Crossbody purse - Kate Spade

All winter long I've wanted a pom pom hat. There is nothing more joyful than having a big round puff perched happily atop one's head. I enthusiastically announced my desire for said pom pom hat and coincidentally, while Chloe and I were exploring boutiques in East Nasty with our friend Sarah, we stumbled upon this (most perfect) one at The Trunk Nashville. The day before my birthday. Aaaannnddd it was the most perfect price: $11 !!!!

Technically you're not supposed to know what your birthday presents are (or their price), but this was a special circumstance and it in no way deflated my excitement the next day when I eagerly flung the tissue paper out of the bag. I couldn't put that hat on fast enough. 

The rest of the week, wherever we went, I was the dork who refused to take off her obnoxious pom pom hat. Even whilst indoors. At one point Chloe turned to me and said, "Taylor, you know you still have your hat on, right?" to which I replied, "I know. It just makes me really happy wearing it." Yep. 

I love wearing my pom pom hat with slick-straight hair. It gives it an edgier, more urban vibe to offset the cutesy-ness. Vampy Maybelline lipstick also helps. I'm obsessed with their "Deepest Cherry" plum shade.


xo Taylor


What I'm listening to: Bailando - Enrique Iglesias (ft. Sean Paul)

Photos taken by Chloe with an Olympus PEN camera

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Faux fur jacket - American Eagle / Black top - Calvin Klein / Purse - Kate Spade / Jeggings - American Eagle / Booties - Dolce Vita (Posh)

Lately I've been wearing my hair straight more (gasp!) and Pinterest inspired me to try this sleek ponytail. To style, I straightened my hair, pulled it back in a low pony, took a few strands of hair and wrapped them around the base to cover my hair tie, then secured with two bobby pins. Simple! 

I've also been love, love, loving Maybelline's vampy lip colors. I'm wearing their matte lipstick in Divine Wine

*NEW PURSE ALERT* Guys, I officially own two purses now (!!!). My oh-so stylish aunt gave me this Kate Spade crossbody as a Christmas gift and I literally carry it everywhere I go. It's the perfect size and matches just about every outfit I own (I wear a lot of black). 

Oh, and I wasn't trying to be artsy or anything by calling this post "Alpaca". I just feel like an Alpaca when I wear this jacket.


xo Taylor


What I'm listening to: Shut Up And Dance - Walk The Moon

Photos taken by Chloe with an Olympus PEN camera

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DIY: Holiday Card

It's time to up your card game! Those of you who keep up with me on Instagram know I'm the queen of making handmade cards. The only time I can recollect buying a card for someone is on the fly for a graduation. While it may take a little extra effort to DIY, here's why it's worth it.

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Christmas House

This week Chloe and I have been in a self-imposed "quarantine" to keep from getting sick before we go in studio. We strategically ran all errands at the beginning of the week (loaded up on groceries, dropped mail off at the Post Office) and not gonna lie—it's starting to feel like we're in some strange dystopian apocalypse novel with a deadly virus on the loose. Or maybe zombies.

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