There are a few things you should know about me...


I am obsessive

About a lot of things—whether it's my perfectionist approach to songwriting (write, re-write, go back, edit edit edit....trash), my insistence that Hogwarts DOES exist (maybe my letter got lost in the mail??), or my unfailing ability to never miss an episode of Teen Wolf.

I love my cat

And cats in general, really. Which is probably a requirement for introvert personalities like me. If I had my way, I would tote my cat around in one of those obnoxious pink bedazzled pet carriers like a child who refuses to be separated from their germ-infested blanket. I may or may not take cat selfies (and my cat may or may not have his own instagram account). Cats are the

I am a terrible liar

Ask anyone. I am literally unable to suppress laughter when I lie. No matter how hard I try to make a serious face and think about puppies being abandoned and left to die, lying is (fortunately?) one art I have not mastered.

I used to write novels

Not legitimately, but in 5th grade I refurbished my peers' unwanted notebooks and used my spare change to buy new ones from our school's notebook dispenser (like a gumball machine for nerds). I spent my free time at recess filling those pages with stories, and occasionally got reprimanded in class for not paying attention ("Taylor, put the notebook AWAY"). Like a true rebel.

I'm addicted to honey

And Oreos (but they're scientifically proven to be addictive. The internet said so). I use toast and other carb-alicious foods as vessels to ingest honey. I even have a favorite brand of honey (Eden's Nectar). That's how serious this is.

My hands and feet are perpetually frozen

Which is incredibly annoying. I must have horrible circulation or something? Lucky for me, my sister conveniently doubles as a human space-heater. Thanks, Chlo!

You don't want to see me hungry

Unless you like crossing ferocious grizzly bears (in which case, would you be interested in being my personal bodyguard?). I don't believe in PMS except the kind that's triggered by rabid hunger. There's a good chance I can eat you under the table (a side effect of being an ex-gymnast) and have been known to faint when not fed properly. THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

Rapid Fire! 


Cake or cookies?

Cookies. All the way. If they're warm and fresh outta the oven. Unless it's Wuollet cake! Wuollet always wins!

Bath or shower?

Bath. It's so old sending handwritten letters. I really want one of those vintage tubs with the claw feet!

Beach or Pool?

Beach, no question. Pools are full of chlorine and kids who pee. And you can't ride waves in a pool...unless it's a wave pool. But that still doesn't solve the peeing kids problem. And artificial waves are lame!

Pen or Pencil?

Pen. Pencil fades. And for some reason I'm super OCD about pencil lead smudging on the side of my hand.

Country or City?

This is a toughie...probably city. I like the hustle and bustle. And people watching. You never run out of things to do. But I also love bonfires and breathing clean country air and laying out in ditches looking for shooting stars.

Favorite drink?

Cream soda! Only if it's pure cane sugar and out of a glass bottle. I also like the weird organic green juice that you get at overpriced hippie grocery stores. And kombucha. I want to learn how to make kombucha!

What's your favorite...



Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. But The Lost Symbol is a close second. I love the thrill, the religious undertones, the hidden secrets...I love it all.


Beauty and The Beast. Or Tangled. Pretty much any animated children's movie...


Gymnastics. Some of my best memories are from the 13 years I was a gymnast. But I also love snowboarding.


Punch Pizza in Minnesota!


Home by the Dixie Chicks.


Sour Punch Straws. I'm also addicted to Chewy Sprees.