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Four weeks into our summer tour, having traveled up the West Coast and back across to Minnesota, I've realized it isn't easy to post regularly like I thought it would be. A lot of people have asked if we'll be blogging about this tour (what it's like, our experiences, etc.) and the answer is YES! Chloe is currently working on our next Tour Vlog, which we will send out via email and upload to YouTube soon. We'll also compile some of our favorite photos from the road and share stories in our next blog post :)

Originally, I wanted to time this post to coincide with prom, but clearly that did not happen. However, since this may be relevant a year from now, I'll add in my two cents. The Internet has opened up so many new avenues and possibilities for finding a prom dress. Back when I went to prom, you would traditionally seek out every mall in the area and hope you didn't show up to the dance wearing matching dresses with someone else. It can also be a lot cheaper to find a dress online. Chloe used Rent The Runway and wore a stunning gold glitter Badgley Mischka gown (for a fraction of what it normally would've cost) and the dress I'm wearing in this post was only $54—a steal considering most formal wear can be anywhere from $100+. 

Right before we headed out on tour, we were rummaging through our summer performance outfits, trying to decide what to pack. To our dismay, we realized our wardrobe was lacking. Patterns and colors clashed and it occurred to us the dresses we had were too casual. Each time we go out on tour, we evaluate what we liked from the last tour, what we want to change or add, and how we want people to feel when they leave a Chasing Lovely concert. This spring, we took time to map out the aesthetic vision for our show, which included building a light-up marquee sign and making purposeful style choices to compliment the mood of our music.

I have always been a resistant online shopper, especially when it comes to clothes. I only shop sites (like Lulu's) that offer free shipping and returns because fit is so important. It makes no sense to pay $7.00+ in shipping, realize you ordered the wrong size when you try it on and have to pay to send it back. Too risky, imho.

This dress is a departure from what I normally gravitate towards. As one fan noted, "You usually wear patterns!" and it's true. Chloe and I have also been experimenting with bright colors, and luckily seafoam green works on both of us. The maxi dress has been so fun for me to wear. The material is comfortable and drapes beautifully. The only complaint I have are the straps...the dress is basically held up by good posture and occasional readjustment.

Yay or nay to online shopping? Got any tips or tricks? Share your stories by leaving a comment below!

Hope everyone is having a fun summer :)


Taylor x


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Photos taken by Chloe with an Olympus PEN camera

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