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Hair Essentials

Hair Essentials

Is is just me, or does anyone else find the beauty aisle a little overwhelming? You're bombarded by a million options, all perfectly packaged in bottles that promise a "glowing complexion" (yeahhhh right...tell that to my Monday morning face) or "4X the volume" (what does that even mean?!?). As much as I love trying new products, there's nothing better than the comfort of tried-and-true. And with my long, color treated hair, it's important to have products I trust on hand. So here's a list of my hair care staples:


1. Clear Damage & Color Repair shampoo and conditioner, $4.49 - Target

I started using this shampoo and conditioner after hugging my friend Stephanie and being completely entranced by the way her hair smelled. It literally makes me so happy and protects my color treated locks.


2. Aveda Light Elements smoothing fluid, $28 - Aveda

If I had my way, all my hair products would be Aveda (but unfortunately that's not in my budget right now). Their environmentally-friendly products smell like pure heaven (yes, smell influences my beauty purchases in a big way) and this smoothing fluid is gold. It is the lightest smoothing serum I have found and unlike others, doesn't weigh your hair down or make it look greasy. It does what it's supposed to: tames flyaways and frizz. Use pea-sized drops and it will be worth the investment!


3. Hair pick and clips

If your hair is thick like mine, a hair pick is essential for cleaning out your hairbrush on a regular basis. Hair clips are super helpful when curling your hair. I got my fun colorful ones at Sally Beauty Supply!


4. Tresemme Fresh Start dry shampoo, $4.99 - Target

To minimize color fading, I wash my hair about every three days. As a general rule, spacing your washes will keep your hair shinier and less frizzy because you're not constantly stripping it of its natural oils. Dry shampoo is my life saver. I use it as a volumizing agent and don't wait until my hair is greasy to apply it. It's much easier to prevent grease before it happens than try to fix it after!


5. Bellezza 4-in-1 clipless curling iron set

I swear by this curling iron. It comes with four barrel sizes, but I only really use the two largest ones. I prefer loose, wavy curls rather than tight ringlets. Other clipless curling irons may be cheaper, but don't be fooled! You will not get the same results. I tried using a cheap one at my friend's house once. It had a grey-colored barrel and curled my hair WAY too fast. I literally had to wet my hair down to fix it. UGH.


6. Tresemme heat tamer spray, $3.99 - Target

I've tried a million heat sprays and this is the best. It smells good (check!) and doesn't make your hair crunchy. Be kind to your hair and use a heat protect spray before using hot tools!


7. L'Oreal Paris Elnett hairspray (UV filter), $12.99 - Target

I fell in love with this hairspray after my favorite hair stylist, Pearson Knight, recommended it as a great alternative to high-end brands. It works wonders. It has great hold but does not leave your hair feeling crunchy. BONUS—you can brush it out before you go to bed. Score!


8. Aveda wooden paddle brush, $22 - Aveda

Ever since I can remember my mom has been using an Aveda paddle brush. I went through my share of cheap paddle brushes, but always wound up using hers. So she finally got me one for Christmas, and I'm as happy as a clam :)


9. One N' Only Argan Oil restorative mask, $7.99 - Sally Beauty Supply

If your hair is feeling dry, damaged or just needs a little boost, this deep conditioner will do the trick! I use it instead of normal conditioner a couple washes before I color my hair. Be mindful not to use it too often because you can over-moisturize. Apply in the shower like you would conditioner and let it sit to soak a few minutes more than you would normally before rinsing in cold water.


What are your favorite hair products you can't live without? Let me know in the comments below!


XO Taylor


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