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What's In My Bag

What's In My Bag

It's #ToteTuesday! Okay, I totally made that up (points for alliteration??) but since I'm officially a purse-carrier-of-sorts, I figured I'd show you exactly what I'm toting around in this bag! Obviously it differs from day to day, but these are the staples I carry on a regular basis.

Tote from  Pangaea  ( Joy Susan )

Tote from Pangaea (Joy Susan)

1. Sunglasses - Francesca's

I carry a pair everywhere I go. There's nothing worse than driving on a sunny day, putting the visor down and realizing it's not. helping. one. bit. I also love eating out on patios when the weather's nice, so I keep to a pair of shades at the ready in case I get the seat directly in the sun.


2. A Good Book - The Giver by Lois Lowry

Because you never know when you'll stumble upon a picturesque park and get the urge to sprawl out on lawn to read, right? Books are good for folks like me who don't have Candy Crush to keep us occupied. Perfect for an early morning train commute or waiting to get an oil change.


3. Lip Balm - EOS pomegranate raspberry flavor

My sister will be the first to tell you having lip balm 24/7 is a must. I'm not quite the fanatic she is, but there's nothing worse than chapped lips. Especially in the winter...ouch! I prefer the round EOS applicator to traditional Chapstick (I feel like you don't get gross buildup) but Chloe swears by Melaleuca's Sun Shades lip balm in vanilla.


4. iPhone 5S (protected by a stylish case!) - Apple, Garance Dore

It took me the longest time to get a case to protect my smartphone. I loved how sleek and lightweight the device was and didn't want to cover up that beauty! But I finally caved and invested in a little fashionable "insurance". I love my abstract leopard Garance Dore inlay case from Rifle Paper Co. and they're on sale thru tonight (8/19)!


5. Notebook

Necessary for songwriters like me (or writers of any kind). Also comes in handy for impromptu grocery lists or taking notes (slash doodling...) at a meeting. You'll look impressive at an interview if you always keep one on you (but I'd advise against doodling...ha)!


6. Hand Lotion - L'Occitane

Lotion is to me what lip balm is to Chloe. I hate crackly skin—especially during dry months. L'Occitane is one of my favorite brands because their lotion is absolutely luxurious and comes in sophisticated little tubes! I'm obsessed with their lavender hand cream.


So...what's in your bag? Share with us in the comments below!


XO Taylor


What I'm listening to: Christina Perri – human

Photo taken by Taylor with an iPhone 5S

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