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Adulthood, Accessories, & Apologetics

Adulthood, Accessories, & Apologetics


I've been an adult for a year now. It's weird and I'm still trying to figure out whether I like it or not. I'm pretty sure I do. I’ve felt like an adult for the longest time, but I’ve still got a lot of child in me. It’s still going to take me a while before I stop saying things like “I want to do *this or that* when I grow up!” because I’ve noticed people giving me strange looks and making comments like, “You are grown up” to which I respond, “Oh. Right. Well, when I’m older."


With this new adult title comes a new adult Chloe. I started with a fresh new ‘do that I’ve been loving. And long gone are the days of Chuck Taylor’s and a T-shirt as my go-to outfit. (Okay, maybe not that long gone..check back in with me in a year or so—ha). 


Accessorizing is helping me make this fashion transition more easily. You can trick people into thinking you’re more put together by throwing on some jewelry, a hat, nice shoes, scarves, glasses/sunnies, lipstick—yes, I consider lipstick an accessory. Which is basically what I did with this look. I’m sneakily still wearing a tee. #score

I’ve been determined to become a hat person too. Pinterest did not fail me in giving me inspiration for what to look for, I’ve been a very enthusiastic pinner lately... Plus, seeing Bear Rinehart rock this one at the NEEDTOBREATHE concert last weekend only confirmed I was on the right track in my fashion endeavors. Scouring the internet as well as local shops for something versatile that would actually fit on my giant head was quite a task, and I may have ordered over $200 worth of hats from Revolveclothing.com to be sure I would find something that worked..no worries I’m returning all but one ;)

Other adult activities I’ve been into lately:

  1. Reading. Blogs, Books, Articles. Anything that interests me and will further my thinking. 
  2. Listening to podcasts and watching apologetics debates.
  3. Going to the gym on a regular basis. Maybe as Taylor and I grow further into adulthood, it will become a habit that occurs at a reasonable time of day and not at the strangest hours.
  4. Actively working to make friends. It’s not as easy as it was in the childhood years! 
  5. Managing my/CL's finances. Save as much as I can and only spend when I am able to. I have stopped spending on frivolous things, and try to only go out when I’m getting together with friends.

Childish activities I refuse to give up:

  1. Dancing like a fool in all contexts. In the kitchen, in the car, in the grocery store—basically any time a good song comes on.
  2. Running around in the pouring rain and splashing in puddles. Try and stop me. 
  3. Stupid embarrassing things like this & this.
  4. Toilet humor. It will always be funny. #poopjokes4eva
  5. Dream and hope past the point of what’s considered a reasonable expectation. 

Thanks for spending time reading my ramblings.

Love you all, 



What I'm listening to: Washed By The Water - Acoustic Version – NEEDTOBREATHE

Photos shot by Taylor with an Olympus PEN camera

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