Songwriting Sessions: Unbridled

Songwriting Sessions: Unbridled

Yo! Welcome to Part 3, the final installment of our "Songwriting Sessions" from the Unbridled EP.

If you missed the first two songs in this series, CLICK HERE to hear 'Kiss Me' and CLICK HERE to listen to 'Falling'.

In this podcast, we release an alternate melody for the verses of our song 'Unbridled'. We talk about how we came up with the revised melody, Chloe dishes out a little TMI, and we even whip out a guitar to show what the post-bridge instrumental sounded like when we wrote it, before all the epic production was added in studio. To hear the finished song in its entirety, CLICK HERE.

P.S. Here is the link to our guest appearance on "James Talks" that we mentioned in our podcast:

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