Songwriting Sessions: Kiss Me

Songwriting Sessions: Kiss Me

The other day while I was songwriting, I decided to go through all my voice memos for fun (little snippets I record on my phone when I get an idea for a song). I found it rather entertaining going from clip to clip, hearing how each song progressed. And I thought, what if I just uploaded these to the Internet? The idea intrigued me.

Which raised another question—were there any voice memos saved from the Unbridled EP songs? Once a song is finished and memorized, I usually delete its corresponding memo to free up space on my phone. But if I wanted to show the evolution of my songs from inception to their fully-produced form, finding these recordings would be crucial. To my delight, a quick scan of my computer found those little treasures still lingering in my iTunes! I'm guessing the "Cloud" must have automatically transferred them from my phone to computer....still not exactly sure what the "Cloud" is or how it works (LOL) but in times like these I'm grateful.

So to kick off the Songwriting Sessions, we're starting with our song "Kiss Me". Chloe and I compiled the voice memos together with commentary to give a little backstory and make it cohesive.

Again—to be clear—these are voice memos I recorded while writing the song. It's the equivalent of an artist doing a rough pencil sketch on paper. So expect them to be a little silly, pitchy, imperfect. Then you can listen to the final version on SoundCloud to hear the full metamorphosis! 

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