Addicted to Chambray

Addicted to Chambray

Allow me to introduce you to my favorite shirt: a dark wash chambray I found (on sale!) at the one and only J.Crew outlet at Opry Mills. Every time I put it on (2-3 times a week) Taylor looks at me and goes, "Chloe did you get a new shirt? I've never seen that before!" to which I always respond, "Yeah...just got it the other day—you like?" Four months later, we're still running this joke into the ground. A couple times a week. I wear the shirt that much. #NoShame #DontHate 


Also, if you didn't drool (just a little) over my new cheetah booties, I am slightly offended. I'm obsessed with these boots. Awesome kicks can take an outfit from 10 to 100. *Note: I found them on clearance at DSW, PLUS had a coupon, so I ended up walking out of the store paying around $16 for them. It almost felt like stealing! 

This blog contains all of my favorite standard pieces. The shirt, the hat (wear it nearly every day), Tay's "John Lennon" sunnies, and now my new booties! I'm sure you'll be seeing them a lot in the future :)  


Check out this video we shot with Ember Sessions with a special appearance by my J.Crew chambray! 

Until next time!

xo, chlo

What I'm listening to: When We Were on Fire - James Bay (aka James BAE ;) )

Main photos taken by Taylor with an Olympus PEN camera. Video filmed by Ember Sessions. Instagram photos taken by Kat & Taylor Turner on an iPhone 5s

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