Behind The Song: Always & Never Enough

Behind The Song: Always & Never Enough

I wrestle with myself on a daily basis.

What has been on my mind—on my heart? What do I want to say? Most times I don't know. I don't know until the song is finished.

Does it even matter? Will it even make a difference? I am plagued by self-doubt. I wrestle with myself on a daily basis. By the time a song makes it to the stage, it sounds polished. But it never starts off that way. 

Always & Never Enough took nearly seven months to write. It came to us at a time of deep personal uncertainty—one that seemed to reflect a universal feeling in our world as a whole. We were experiencing so many emotions but couldn't make sense of them. They felt too overwhelming to put into words all at once. So the song arrived in bits and pieces. A line here, a verse there. Each time we thought we were close to finishing the song, a gut feeling would tell us we weren't done. Something was still missing. A new event triggered a new wave of emotion, and suddenly, a new verse was born. 

Always & Never Enough. This is a song of reconciliation—between who we are and who we want to be. It is our way of recognizing when we fall short—realizing we are enough despite our shortcomings—but also acknowledging there are many ways in which we could do better—be better—for the world and everyone in it. It is a cry against unattainable perfection, but a call for non-complacency. 

Always & Never Enough. This is a song of hope. Of hopelessness. Of pain and healing. Equal parts light and dark. We have a tendency to separate things into either/or. It's either good or evil. Black or white. When many times it's neither. Or both. What if we began actively fighting these oversimplifications? Began acknowledging the grey? What if we put a little more effort into combing through the chaos, rather than dividing it into two clean-cut camps, wiping our hands off and calling it a day?

There is a lot of negativity in our world right now. A lot of people have lost hope and faith in humanity. The tragedies of our time have brought upon insurmountable grief. But in the words of John Greene: pain demands to be felt. This does not mean I have lost hope. I have faith that we can be better. But in order to move forward, we must understand, acknowledge and address our past. We cannot make light of our transgressions—gloss over the unspeakable tragedies that have befallen our nation. Pain demands to be felt. It is the sting of remembrance and regret that keeps us from repeating the horrors of our history. That is why we must speak the truth—no matter how painful—and continue to pass these stories on from generation to generation.

This is a song from our hearts to yours,

Taylor x


Sister duo originally from MPLS now living in ATL. Playing music, eating cookies, spreading loveliness.