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Shopping on Poshmark: 10 Tips For Scoring Unbelievable Deals

Shopping on Poshmark: 10 Tips For Scoring Unbelievable Deals

When I first signed up for Poshmark, I only intended to sell my clothes and never planned on buying anything. I’d never purchased used clothes before because I didn’t fancy the idea of wearing something that “smelled like somebody else”.

What changed? I started racking up Posh credits (you get $5 when you sign up for Poshmark using my invite code: TAYLORDTURNER). While I wished I could’ve direct deposited them into my bank account, the only way to redeem credits is by making a purchase.

It seemed silly to have $30 in Posh credit sitting idle in my account. So I began perusing the app. I love window shopping at Madewell, but their prices are outside my budget. When I spotted a cozy Madewell mustard sweater listed at $30 on Poshmark, I made an offer for $20 (shipping is $6.79 so I was accounting for that). The seller counter-offered $25 and I accepted (which meant I paid $1.49 after Posh credit was deducted). How amazing?! I paid $1.49 for a Madewell sweater! I wore it religiously throughout the fall and winter. It is one of my favorite pieces I own.

I wash everything I buy secondhand, so that takes care of the “used” smell I was always worried about. I am very passionate about sustainable living and thrifting is something I’ve wanted to try ever since I challenged myself to live a more zero waste lifestyle. Poshmark has been a great way to ease into shopping secondhand, so here are my best tips/tricks for scoring amazing deals on the app!

1. Follow ethical/sustainable brands

In response to the backlash against fast fashion, there has been an emergence of ethical/sustainable brands. To fairly compensate their workers, brands must charge higher prices—prices that may not fit into everybody’s budget (myself included). This is where Poshmark comes in handy. Unlike thrifting in person, online thrifting allows you to follow specific brands so they get served straight to your newsfeed. This eliminates a lot of the effort that normally accompanies thrifting! Not sure where to start? Some of my favorite ethical brands include: Reformation, Girlfriend Collective, VETTA Capsule, Everlane, Nisolo, VEJA, Sézane, and DÔEN.


2. Select “Just In” or “Low to High” category

When using the search bar, you have several options for sorting your search results. Click the filter button (it looks like a funnel) and select “Sort” and choose “Just In” so you are looking at listings that have been recently uploaded. The default setting is “Just Shared” which shows you listings sellers are actively sharing to their followers from their closet (you may still find some gems this way, but the pool of listings have likely been on Poshmark longer).

Sorting from low to high is another tactic. Follow the same steps above, but instead of selecting “Just In” choose “Low to High”. This will sort listings starting at the cheapest item and ending with the most expensive one.

3. If something catches your eye, “Like” it!

If you hit the little heart “Like” button on a listing, you will get notified if the seller lowers the price. It also gives the seller the option to offer you a private discount and reduced shipping! I like to use this feature if I see an item I love but it’s listed at a price that is outside of my budget. That way I can passively keep an eye on it.


4. Add an item to your bundle

When you add and item to your bundle, the seller will get notified. It gives them the option to make you an offer without including a shipping discount (i.e. they profit more!), so this is another tactic you can use to see if the seller is a) eager to sell the item or b) is flexible on the price. This is a good route to go if you don’t feel like making an offer or you “liked” the listing but the seller did not make a private offer.


5. Bundle several items

When you purchase from my Poshmark closet, I give an automatic 10% discount for bundling 2 or more items. Most Poshmark sellers utilize this feature because it encourages more sales and less trips to the post office since everything will be packaged in one box. As the buyer, this allows you to pay the $6.79 shipping fee only once, which is like a shipping discount in and of itself. As I mentioned in tip #4, when you create a bundle, the seller has the option to make you an offer on the total price of the items in your bundle. If the seller isn’t taking the bait, you can leave a comment on your bundle and communicate with the seller privately. Here’s an example: “Hey there! Would you be willing to take $30 for everything I’ve bundled?” They may say yes or come back with a counter offer. Either way, it’s worth a try!

6. Check back regularly

I’ve scored some of my best Poshmark deals by checking the “Just In” tab regularly. Think of it like going to Goodwill when they have recently restocked new items. The early bird gets the worm, as they say! If someone uploads an amazing listing at an insanely low price, it won’t last long. That’s why you want to make sure you’re the first one to spot it!

7. Purchase during a “Closet Clear Out” promotion

Poshmark has “Closet Clear Out” promotions pretty regularly. During this time, if a seller reduces the price of a listing by at least 10%, you [as the buyer] score discounted shipping (usually $4.99 instead of the standard $6.79). If you have your eye on something that isn’t eligible for “Closet Clear Out” discounted shipping, leave a comment for the seller. I once left this exact comment on a pair of sandals that was listed for $13: “Hi there! If you lower the price to $10 (so I can receive discounted shipping) I will purchase!” She lowered the price and I scored a great deal.


8. Make an offer

I almost always use the “Make An Offer” feature. This allows you to negotiate the price of a listing. Most sellers list items at higher prices because they expect buyers to make a lower offer. Use this feature politely. If a dress is listed for $65, I would not recommend offering $10 because the chances of a seller accepting that offer are slim to none. It’s what many Poshers term a “low ball” offer (and you may notice that some sellers explicitly state “no low ball offers” on their profile). Not sure what to offer? Click the funnel icon in the upper right-hand corner of a seller’s closet. Scroll down and select “availability” and then choose “sold items”. This will give you an idea of the price points that seller is comfortable parting with their items for. If they’ve never sold something for less than $25, they probably aren’t going to start today. But if you notice they’ve sold several items for $3, then there’s a better chance they will accept your $5 offer!

9. Utilize the search bar

One of the perks of online thrifting is the ability to search for specific items. While the search bar is a great place to look up brands, don’t forget to get creative with your key words! Search patterns (e.g. gingham, stripes, polka dots), materials (e.g. leather, linen, silk), and styles (e.g. midi dress, balloon sleeves, boat neck). Based on the current fashion trends, here are some examples of words I might search:

  • basket, basket bag, wicker, wicker purse, rattan, raffia, bamboo

  • slide sandals, woven mules, block heels, slingback sandals, espadrilles

  • floral wrap dress, tie front top, off the shoulder top

  • straw hat, boater hat

10. Follow stylish Poshers

Some Poshers have an exceptional eye for style and put a lot of time, effort, and thought into curating beautiful photos for their Poshmark closet. Follow them to get their new listings served to your newsfeed! Additionally, they will likely “reshare” listings from other closets that are super cute. It’s like having access to your own personal stylist. Some of my favorite Poshmark closets include: @shopfreefolk, @eliseapffel, @hannbriggs, @wildonsdottir, @_juneberry_, and @arvolaundry. If you want to follow my closet you can find me @taylordturner. I make an effort to reshare unique finds from other Posher’s closets (especially if it’s something I love but it’s not my size!)

I hope these tips were helpful! Get $5 when you sign up for Poshmark using my invite code: TAYLORDTURNER

Looking to make room in your closet and sell your clothes? Check out my blog “How I Made Over $1,100 Selling My Clothes On Poshmark”.

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