Chasing Lovely
Chasing Lovely


With the success of their recent Kickstarter campaign, Chasing Lovely's third crowdfunded EP, "Things We Don't Talk About", is anticipated to release July 2017.

The sister duo combines haunting harmonies, powerful melodies and insightful lyrics to create a truly captivating acoustic performance. Chloe and Taylor grew up in Minnesota and spent the last six years in Nashville while their style evolved into an indie, folk, pop, soulful kind of sound. They've made their primary living touring across the continental United States since the summer of 2013. Their bond as sisters is undeniable—the chemistry between them impacts every part of their stage presence.

Chasing Lovely has had the privilege of working with producers and musicians who have worked with Mumford & Sons, Garth Brooks, Joy Williams, Martina McBride, Ben Rector, and The Dixie Chicks. Their mission is to provoke thought, promote understanding, and capture both glimmers of light and darkness as they share the deeply moving human experience through song.