Host House Concert Guide


Invite, invite, invite

Over invite & require an RSVP.     

Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers—encourage them to invite their friends too. You'll need a minimum attendance of 20 people, maximum depends on how many will fit in your space, but the more the merrier! Consider asking a friend to co-host to increase the guest list and give you another option for location. We recommend providing an email address for RSVPs and only giving the location (and any other necessary information) once someone RSVPs. If space is limited, have a waiting list, but expect a few last minute cancellations and no-shows.


Email & Social Networks

A custom poster will be provided for email invite and posting on social networks.       

Don’t rely solely on a Facebook event or social networks—use in conjunction with an email invite. Too many people don’t pay attention to Facebook event invites and some don't use any social networks. Many hosts use Evite which allows you to create a free or premium invitation. It's great to use with the poster we provide and gives your guests an easy way to RSVP. We realize many people have never attended a house concert, but if you emphasize the fact you are hosting an exclusive event featuring a national touring duo based out of Nashville it's likely to pique their interest. Printing the poster and putting it in your neighbor's mailbox is not only a great way to increase attendance—if you don't know them, it makes for a pretty cool introduction. 

If you're posting on social networks you can build interest and anticipation by sharing the poster and Chasing Lovely's photos, music and video links during the time leading up to your house concert. 

Remind your guests via email one week before the show AND again the day before—you’d be surprised how many people forget.



$20 donation per person. All monies go to artist. 

                                             Custom Poster

                                             Custom Poster

There is no fee to host a house concert if you can guarantee a minimum of 20 people in attendance and are comfortable letting your guests know there is a $20 donation per person to attend. If you guarantee 30+ people, we can lower the minimum donation to $15 per person if you would like. This donation is not optional. We've been advised to use the term donation instead of admission or ticket to avoid tax or zoning implications to hosts.  

Chasing Lovely appeals to a wide age range, so we encourage teens and young adults to attend. General guideline for children: the donation amount applies to everyone, and if a child is able to sit, listen and enjoy it, then bring them! We've found this to be around age 9 and up for girls—for boys it's generally closer to 14 and up. 

To assure you meet the minimum guarantee it's best to have someone collect money as each guest arrives. If your guests don't have cash we do accept credit cards.  

Be sure to let your guests know there will be a CD and T-shirt available for purchase! 

Live performances are how Chasing Lovely earns their living. The donations are their primary source of income. If there are less than 20 people, the host will need to make up the monetary difference. If you would like, we can arrange for your event to be "pre-pay" and collect money online when people RSVP—just ask for details. Having done this for 3+ years, we are confident if you take our suggestions, you should easily meet the minimum guarantee. Remember, having a co-host and allowing people to invite friends increases the guest list. If you cancel later than two weeks prior to your concert date you will be charged half the minimum. 


Food & Beverage

Including a food element or not, is up to each host.

Potluck and/or BYOB is most common. Ask guests to bring a dish and/or beverage to share. Some hosts prefer apps & desserts only. Some hosts choose to provide all food and beverage, but if you choose this option keep in mind, raising the donation amount to cover refreshments is not an option. We have learned if we keep things simple and affordable it will draw more people and keep the focus on the music. 


Choose a start time that allows for arrival & socializing

Allow 30-60 minutes for people to arrive, eat & socialize.

Do NOT advertise a separate start time for the music—it only gives people an excuse to be late! If your event does not include food, set the start time accordingly to allow enough time for guests to eat before they come. Chasing Lovely will arrive about an hour before the event to setup.


Create a “listening" environment

Setup for concert should encourage listening, not socializing!

It’s an unplugged acoustic concert so think theater, not bar. For extra seating borrow chairs from neighbors and/or have guests bring a chair in a bag. Standing room only isn't a bad thing—it shows how popular your event is!

We ask that the host make an announcement to guests to refresh their drinks and use restroom 5-10 minutes before the music starts to keep distractions to a minimum during the concert. The concert will be approximately 90 minutes. 


Meet & Greet

Chasing Lovely will hang out as long as it takes to talk and take pictures with anyone interested.

Total event time start to finish is approximately three hours. Longer if your guests are really social—but we'll leave it up to the host's discretion on when to tell their guests it's time to go home!



Host will need to provide lodging if distance is more than three hours from Nashville. This can be in host’s home or host can provide lodging at a hotel. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 3.15.28 PM.png

If this is your first house concert the hardest thing will probably be figuring out how to word the invite. Here are a couple of examples you can use to help craft something that fits you and your friends!