Our mission is to bring communities together through music and house concerts.



Music is one of the quickest ways to build rapport with another human being. Unlike most concerts, our house shows open up the opportunity for connection. It's relaxed—there's no pushing, shoving or flashy lights. You don't need to shout to hear the person next to you. 


It's an acoustic show for you and your friends in your living room. 

You'll need a minimum of 20 people—maximum depends on how many will fit in your space, but "the more the merrier" definitely applies to an event like this. If you don't live in a mansion—no worries—most of our hosts don't. We can turn the living room in your apartment, condo, or house into a unique listening environment. It's definitely an incredible & intimate experience and a pretty cool way to introduce your friends to new music. 


Feel free to invite a friend to co-host with you. It helps increase the guest list and gives you another option for location. House concerts are generally exclusive events with the address given out to only those who RSVP.

Many house shows include some type of food element. Potluck and/or BYOB are most popular, but some do choose to forgo the food element.

There is no up front charge to host a house concert, but there is a $20 donation per person with all monies going to the artist. As full time musicians, our primary income is made from live shows so it's important for hosts to be comfortable inviting their friends and promoting the event to ensure maximum turnout. A CD and T-shirt will be available for purchase and we accept both cash and credit cards!

One way we are able to keep costs down is by staying with our house concert hosts if the location is more than three hours from Nashville. We travel with airbeds and don't require a lot of space. If a host prefers they can opt to provide a hotel room if this is more comfortable for them.

There’s an interaction that occurs between the artist and the audience that’s different from anything that I’ve experienced in a club or a venue like a bar. It’s more intimate.
— Quote from CNN house concert story

For more information or to schedule a date:  booking@chasinglovely.com

What Chasing Lovely house concert hosts are saying...

Wow! These amazing young ladies do not disappoint. They are tremendously well rehearsed, their lyrics are genius, and their voices mesmerizing. I would host them again and again, don’t miss the opportunity!
— Kasie, CIYH (Clearwater, FL)
By the end of the second song, I knew I was booking Chasing Lovely again. Unbelievable music, great songs, and high energy! On a 1 to 10 scale, they are a 15!
— Ken, CIYH (St. Petersburg, FL)
This was honestly one of the best events I’ve ever been a part of. Chasing Lovely are very talented in not only their singing but also their song writing abilities. Everyone at our house party thoroughly enjoyed themselves and raved about the girls.
— Tracey, MeetUp (Madison, WI)
We felt the house party was a great success, so much so that it was the highlight of our summer! Chasing Lovely puts on an incredible show; great musicians, great vocals with fantastic harmonies, and tremendous songwriting.
— Jay (Appleton, WI)
Taylor and Chloe put on one of the best shows that I have hosted. They played only original songs, written in heartfelt poetry and performed with magical harmony. The audience loved them, and gave them a standing ovation when they finished their set.
— Brian, CIYH (Minneapolis, MN)
The performance was impressive. Intimate and interactive.
— Lionel, MeetUp (Venice, CA)
Absolutely beautiful musicians, clean players, and amazing vocal harmonies. Well choreographed stage show interwoven with endearing personal stories.
— Tyler, CIYH (Oakland, CA)
Our guests were really wowed by their poise, stage presence and their performance. Taylor and Chloe are very engaging as well as interested in the world and the people around them and it comes through in their music as well as their natural genuineness.
— Christa, CIYH (Napa, CA)
CHASING LOVELY is an apt name for these lovely singing/songwriting sisters...Taylor and Chloe! They’re full of positive and creative energy and their song crafting is full of creative and exciting harmonies and other great surprises (all good!)!
— Bill, CIYH (St. Petersburg, FL)
We were thrilled to host a House Concert for Chasing Lovely and were blessed by a great night of music and entertainment……this is an up and coming band and you won’t want to miss out on the chance to have your own intimate concert…..BOOK YOURS NOW!!!!!
— Leigh (Hanford, CA)

For more information, or to book a house concert please email: booking@chasinglovely.com