Caitlyn Jenner, Noah Galloway & The Danger of Competition

Photos courtesy of Vanity Fair and Men's Health

Photos courtesy of Vanity Fair and Men's Health

It’s been over a month since Taylor and I packed up our Hyundai Accent and departed from Nashville. We’ve spent a scary number of hours together, and while enjoying brunch yesterday, we did not exchange many words. This isn’t uncommon for us when we’re eating alone together on tour. We spend all day with each other and experience much of the same things, which frankly doesn't leave us with a whole lot to say. But a couple young girls sat down at the table next to us, and our lack of conversation allowed me to overhear theirs. 

These ladies happened to be discussing the courage award ESPN gave to Caitlyn Jenner, and how many folks are upset that it was given to her over Noah Galloway—a United States veteran/double amputee/Crossfit athlete. People are upset that Jenner received the award, while Galloway was overlooked. It has become a competition of: who is more brave? Who is more courageous? Who’s struggle is more valid? Who is more inspiring? There is a serious problem with this kind of approach. Competition can be poisonous when it leads people to discredit someone else’s bravery, achievements, or talent in order to validate the bravery, achievements, and talent of whomever they support. It becomes a 'You vs. Me' or 'Us vs. Them.'

It’s ridiculous to pit these two against each other. You're comparing apples to oranges. While following both sides of the conversation, I’ve heard:


“There are tons of transgender women who go through this everyday, what makes her so courageous?”

“Caitlyn Jenner is starting an entire movement, and this guy is just another vet...I mean, who's making the real impact here?"

“Oh great, Caitlyn Jenner came out as transgendered! Literally everyone is supporting her. How is that brave?”

“Veterans come home and have so much support, why is it such a big deal?”

These massive generalizations are entirely dangerous and absolutely false.

The truth is, in one in TWELVE transgender people are murdered.

The truth is, approximately 50% of transgender adults are survivors of violence or abuse. 

The truth is, veterans are TWICE as likely to become chronically homeless than other Americans. 

The truth is, 19% of Iraq veterans reported a mental health problem. 


The truth is, our society isn’t great to either of these groups. 


Yes, we celebrate Veteran's Day and fly American flags and have organizations working to help veterans who come home from war. But there is still a massive population of veterans who do not have support from their family, from their government or from the public. And despite all the tweets and blog posts and parades supporting the transgender community, there is also a massive population of transgender people who do not have support from their family, from their government or the public. 

So again I ask: why are we trying to pit these two against each other? Why can’t we recognize that it takes serious bravery to be a member of the United States military while also recognizing the immense amount of courage it takes to live your true identity when your inner self does not match the physical body you were born into? Can we accept that they are two completely different things and stop trying to validate one by illegitimizing the other? If you want to share your admiration for the bravery of American armed men and women, by all means do so. But do it without discrediting the struggles of the transgender community and the strength it has taken them to accept and reveal their truth. And if you want to support Caitlyn Jenner and the transgender community, please do. But do it without discrediting the struggles of Noah Galloway and our armed forces, and the strength it takes to endure the hardships of war. 

Whether you support the transgender community or not, there is no denying that it cannot be easy to wake up each morning in a body that does not feel like you. To reveal yourself to a society who will publicly shame you and hate you and try to hurt you requires bravery—whether you agree with the choice or not. And whether or not you support the United States military, there is no denying that it cannot be easy to wake up each morning with a body that is missing an arm and a leg and decide to keep going—to keep pushing on and not allow the hardship to take over your life. 

They can both be heroes. They’re on the same team. They’re both fighting a good fight. The way they are living their lives is an inspiration for others.  U2 said it best, “There’s no them, there’s only us.”



*Statistical information gathered from:

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Not That Kind Of Girl


Kimono - Len Druskin // High waisted jean shorts - American Eagle // Black tank top - Dry Goods // Heels - DSW (Calvin Klein) // Purse - Kate Spade // Sunglasses - Free People  // Necklace - Pangaea

It's officially shorts season in Nashville!!!

CORRECTION: it's officially shorts season for Nashville transplants from Minnesota who believe anything above 50 degrees is tanning-on-the-beach weather. Which means my enthusiasm for high waisted shorts, sunglasses and kimonos is in full force. 

Speaking of Minnesota, I got these big, wonderful bug-eye sunglasses while we were touring there last month. I saw a similar pair at Urban Outfitters for a couple bucks less, but decided to keep my FP sunnies because the temples of the glasses are much thinner. Glasses give me a headache pretty easily, which is why I wear contacts most days instead of my prescription lenses. But if thick temples don't bother you, ZeroUV has a nearly identical pair for $9.99! 

TBH, 90% of the shoes I own are from DSW. I am obsessed. They've got a fantastic sale section and deals up the whazoo (as in $20 OFF COUPONS have been known to show up in my email inbox). I'd been on the hunt for a pair of black summer sandals, when lo and behold, I fish these Calvin Klein beauties out of the clearance section. The gold detailing on the heels won me over.

Now to address the anomaly in this fashion post: I am holding a book. I live five minutes from a hair salon with pink and white walls, so it seemed perfect to showcase my current read: Lena Dunham's Not That Kind Of GirlI'd been wanting to read it for the longest time, and waited patiently until I spotted it at Target with a 30% off sticker (which made it cheaper than Amazon, my go-to "book store"). I like owning books because I can take my dear sweet time and pass them onto friends afterwards. Plus, there's nothing like a leafing through the pages of a crisp, new book...ahhhhh :) Not That Kind Of Girl is chalk full of blunt honesty, little nuggets of wisdom, and feels like the conversations you have with your girlfriends that remind you you're not the only one experiencing these strange, beautiful, confusing situations as you attempt to navigate this crazy world.


xo Taylor


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Photos taken by Chloe with an Olympus PEN camera

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Addicted to Chambray

Hat - Brixton (Revolve)  // Chambray Shirt - J.Crew  // Shorts - Urban Outfitters  // Booties - Report Signature (DSW)  // Sunglasses - Francesca's 

Allow me to introduce you to my favorite shirt: a dark wash chambray I found (on sale!) at the one and only J.Crew outlet at Opry Mills. Every time I put it on (2-3 times a week) Taylor looks at me and goes, "Chloe did you get a new shirt? I've never seen that before!" to which I always respond, "Yeah...just got it the other day—you like?" Four months later, we're still running this joke into the ground. A couple times a week. I wear the shirt that much. #NoShame #DontHate 


Also, if you didn't drool (just a little) over my new cheetah booties, I am slightly offended. I'm obsessed with these boots. Awesome kicks can take an outfit from 10 to 100. *Note: I found them on clearance at DSW, PLUS had a coupon, so I ended up walking out of the store paying around $16 for them. It almost felt like stealing! 

This blog contains all of my favorite standard pieces. The shirt, the hat (wear it nearly every day), Tay's "John Lennon" sunnies, and now my new booties! I'm sure you'll be seeing them a lot in the future :)  


Check out this video we shot with Ember Sessions with a special appearance by my J.Crew chambray! 

Until next time!

xo, chlo

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Main photos taken by Taylor with an Olympus PEN camera. Video filmed by Ember Sessions. Instagram photos taken by Kat & Taylor Turner on an iPhone 5s

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Gray For Days

Scoop back top - Lulu's / Jeggings - American Eagle / Cable knit pompom hat - The Trunk Nashville / Wedge sneakers - American Eagle / Moon necklace - Pangaea / Crossbody purse - Kate Spade

All winter long I've wanted a pom pom hat. There is nothing more joyful than having a big round puff perched happily atop one's head. I enthusiastically announced my desire for said pom pom hat and coincidentally, while Chloe and I were exploring boutiques in East Nasty with our friend Sarah, we stumbled upon this (most perfect) one at The Trunk Nashville. The day before my birthday. Aaaannnddd it was the most perfect price: $11 !!!!

Technically you're not supposed to know what your birthday presents are (or their price), but this was a special circumstance and it in no way deflated my excitement the next day when I eagerly flung the tissue paper out of the bag. I couldn't put that hat on fast enough. 

The rest of the week, wherever we went, I was the dork who refused to take off her obnoxious pom pom hat. Even whilst indoors. At one point Chloe turned to me and said, "Taylor, you know you still have your hat on, right?" to which I replied, "I know. It just makes me really happy wearing it." Yep. 

I love wearing my pom pom hat with slick-straight hair. It gives it an edgier, more urban vibe to offset the cutesy-ness. Vampy Maybelline lipstick also helps. I'm obsessed with their "Deepest Cherry" plum shade.


xo Taylor


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Photos taken by Chloe with an Olympus PEN camera

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